Empowered Power .

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Some Glint, Some Passion.
Fascinating Design.

Available in three fascinating colors, namely sparking blue, black and white, the GM 22 Plus is designed with passion and aesthetics in mind.




Strikingly Limitless Screen.

Fascinating colors, sharp contrast, a 6.78" FHD+ limitless screen and a 91.4% screen-to-body ratio allow you
to see every detail when it comes to gaming and multimedia.

6.78 FHD+
Limitless Screen

Screen-to-Body Ratio


Screen Rate

All for One
One for All.

Mesmerizing Camera Experience with 48MP Triple AI Camera System.

A Familiar Mode.
Super Pixel.

Thanks to the AI-supported camera system and high performance
it combines multiple frames in one, increasing the number of pixels. It offers a photography experience with details and
sharpness that cannot be seen with one’s bare eyes.

We Widened
Some Stuff.

Make your art shine with the 115-degree ultra-wide angle lens
which offers a frame experience 2.3 times wider than a regular frame.

What Makes You Unique.
Stylish Portraits.

The dynamic Bokeh effect,
the customizable
diaphragm settings,
and the filters allow you
to take

Striking Details,
Vivid Colors.
Smart HDR.

This uses smart image processing technology
to dramatize shade
light and brightness functions
enabling you to take sharp and detailed HDR photos.

Night Vision.

This uses artificial intelligence technology

under low lighting

and during night shooting to prevent image noise

and loss of details

allowing you to take clearer photos.

Smart Selfie.

Using the artificial intelligence portrait algorithm
it creates a Bokeh effect
making you shine in selfies
It offers amazing filters
that match your style.

Every Detail Counts.

Make your inner artistic side shine with the slow motion feature
allowing you to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

We Can't Stop Time.

Fit hours into minutes or even seconds;
create artistic wonders any time.

Even Higher

Offering 80% better performance than its predecessor,
GM 22 Plus now performs even better with the MediaTek Helio G80
equipped with HyperEngine gaming technology, a high-speed 8-core processor that reaches 2.0GHz clock speed
a 950MHz graphics processor speed, 4GB RAM and 128GB internal memory.

2.0 GHz
8 Core Processor

950 MHz
Graphics Processor





Incredible Power.

It is now bigger and more powerful than ever with
an incredible battery capacity of 6000mAh.

Your Security Matters.

The advanced fingerprint sensor lets you access your data in the most secure way possible
while face recognition allows for quick access.

Stronger Together.

A smart watch that cares for you.


Won't Believe What You Hear.


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