Unleash the Power

The Splendor of Striking Design

The GM Phoenix 5G, dazzling in carbon black, brings you the unique beauty and
mystical energy of the phoenix. The 3D glass coating on the back guarantees
the durability and elegance of your phone, while the curved screen offers a
wide and impressive display experience.

Redefine Your Visual Experience

With its AMOLED technology and 3D curved display, the GM Phoenix 5G ensures high color accuracy.
Its 6.78"" FHD+ large screen allows you to experience every detail more clearly and

6.78" AMOLED
3D Curved Screen

Screen-to-Body Ratio

Color Screen


A Challenge to Durability

The 3D curved screen is designed with Schott Xensation 0.55mm
strengthened glass for high durability. It easily passes ultra-tough
impact protection and a 1-meter drop test.

Captivated by the Magic of Motion

With a 120Hz screen refresh rate, the GM Phoenix 5G provides high graphic performance
for smooth usage whether you're navigating apps or playing games.

Don't Miss Out

With GM Phoenix 5G's Always-on Display (AOD) feature, access information instantly.
Keep your screen always on to easily glance at important updates.

Unusual Perspectives

Transform even ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with GM Phoenix 5G.
With the 200MP AI Matrix Camera, you'll feel like a photography artist,
capturing every detail in the highest quality.

In the Trail of Light

While standard phase detections offer 6% sensor coverage, GM Phoenix 5G
provides 100% sensor coverage through four-phase detection,
resulting in faster and sharper focusing.

Spectacular Light and Shadow Details

Thanks to Purecel®Plus-S technology, the amount of incoming light increases. When light
comes from different angles, the Deep Touch Isolation feature prevents light from
colliding by using isolation walls under the sensor. This allows GM Phoenix 5G
to provide higher HDR performance and clarity in low-light conditions.

One Moment, a Thousand Details

Capture every detail in a mesmerizing way with GM Phoenix 5G's 200MP AI Matrix camera.
Experience your photos with stunning details, vibrant colors, and
sharpness closest to reality.

Unveil the Secret of the Night

Step into a unique photographic experience with GM Phoenix 5G's night mode feature.
Even in low-light conditions, keep your memories vivid with bright, clear, and detailed photos.

Impressive Portraits

Experience a visual feast with GM Phoenix 5G's creative portrait mode, allowing
you to express your creativity with background blur and depth effects. Capture
every detail meticulously and highlight your personality and uniqueness.

Spread Your Wings

Enjoy vibrant and clear photos with an 8 million pixel resolution.
With the 112° ultra-wide-angle camera, you can frame wide
vistas perfectly and capture even the smallest details.

Insatiable Proximity to Objects

The macro shooting feature of GM Phoenix 5G allows you to see even
the smallest details up close and clear. You'll have the chance to
examine everything closely, from the elegant leaf details of
flowers to the vivid colors in the eyes of insects.

The Art of Selfies

The selfie mode, high-resolution camera, and advanced beauty feature allow you to
capture your best look. Take perfect selfies with the high detail and
vibrant colors of GM Phoenix.

Leave an Original Signature

Add a personalized watermark to your photos with this GM Phoenix 5G feature.
Let your photos become memories that reflect your mood perfectly.

Capture Emotions in Videos

Experience advanced video features with GM Phoenix 5G. Capture stunning details
with 4K video recording, take vibration-free videos even in motion with Electronic
Image Stabilization, and create wonders in slow motion. Everything
need to express your artistic side is in GM Phoenix 5G!

Capture Memories Without Missing

With GM Phoenix 5G's adjustable continuous shooting feature, you can capture fast-moving
scenes seamlessly and select the best shots. Additionally, with the short video recording
feature, you can freely record and share special moments.

Speed and Power Combined

GM Phoenix 5G is powered by the high-performance MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor.
With its 8-core structure, this superior processor offers you a fast and
smooth user experience. Games, graphics-intensive tasks, or
complex applications all work without any issues.

Master of Games

Enhanced with up to 16GB RAM (8GB Extended), GM Phoenix 5G delivers powerful
performance. With this robust RAM combination, you can experience gaming
performance that pushes boundaries. Manage the most demanding tasks
smoothly, open multiple apps simultaneously, and switch quickly.

High Speed, Low Heat

The 2900 mm² VC Ventilated Rib technology keeps your device cool during intense gaming
sessions, long video calls, or while watching your favorite content. GM Phoenix 5G
offers a cool and comfortable experience even during heavy use.

Seamless Storage Experience

With 256GB of storage space, GM Phoenix 5G allows you to store your photos,
videos, and apps extensively.

Power is in Every Moment

Esigned for your fast-paced life, GM Phoenix 5G offers an impressive battery life and ultra-fast
charging feature. With a 4700mAh battery capacity, it provides strong performance even
during prolonged use. And with the 66W super fast charging technology,
you can charge your phone to 50% in just 15 minutes.

Faster and More Reliable
Internet with WiFi 6

WiFi 6 technology enables more devices to connect simultaneously and achieve
high speeds. Enjoy uninterrupted performance during heavy internet usage
smooth video streaming, and seamless gaming with GM Phoenix 5G.

Prioritize Your Security

GM Phoenix 5G's facial recognition and in display fingerprint sensor offer top-tier security.
Unlocking your phone is now easier and more secure. Prioritize your security with
just a glance or your fingerprint, reflecting your personality with every unlock.