About Us

Meet General Mobile

Our Vision

Being the most preferred mobile phone brand in the world


Our Mission

Developing affordable and high quality smart mobile products equipped with latest technology


General Mobile has adopted simplicity as its strategy and defines it as 3 main elements:

Product, Price, Channel and Post-Sales



General Mobile has agreements with Google, Foxconn, Qualcomm, Corning, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Wacom, one of the Top 3 brands in their sectors. Customer demand is the most important value that defines product portfolio and design. Through its experience in the telecommunication sector, General Mobile meets the needs of its customers on time.


The trust of its customers and market shares are top priorities of General Mobile. The company is focused on achieving stable prices and a large customer portfolio in the long term.


General Mobile has the fastest after sales technical service. The technical services provide solutions service points and 24 hours throughout the country.


General Mobile was founded with the idea of creating an international brand using the latest technologies to its customers. General Mobile, which is one of the three smart phone brands that are most preferred in Turkey, develops smart mobile solutions with high level of quality, accessibility and latest technology.

In 2015, General Mobile started Android One project in collaboration with Google in Turkey. General Mobile signed the first Android One agreement of Europe and launched General Mobile 4G model in May 2015. With this agreement, Turkey became the fastest growing country in the world of Android One project. General Mobile was given the “Android European Hero” award by Google at 2017 Mobile World Congress for being quality focused, creative and using Android’s capabilities best.

Within the scope of Android One, General Mobile provides pure Android experience to its customers by presenting the latest and the most secure Android version. Today, General Mobile exports to 31 countries in cooperation with world’s leading mobile technology companies. General Mobile, which is growing rapidly in 34 countries with its products that facilitate life, is the 4th smartphone brand of the Netherlands and one of the top 5 brands in Uzbekistan, Georgia, Croatia, Azerbaijan and Belarus.