Irresistible Performance

The Convergence of Power with Elegance

GM 24 Pro, with its White Swan and Gray Shadow colors, brings together the perfect
harmony of elegance and power in its ultra-slim body.

Unique Screen Experience

Equipped with a 6.7" FHD+ borderless display and AMOLED technology, the GM 24 Pro
opens the doors to an extraordinary screen experience. This magnificent screen, with over
a billion color spaces, offers you exceptional color accuracy.

Screen-to-Body Ratio

Wide Range of Colors

Color Screen


Keep the Pulse of the Screen

With a 120Hz refresh rate providing real-time responsiveness with every
touch, you will experience a smooth and seamless user

Trilogy of Wonders

With its innovative triple rear camera system, the GM 24 Pro offers limitless creative possibilities!
You can immortalize every moment in your daily life with exceptional quality and vibrant colors.

Dance of Details, Festival of Colors

The time has come to immerse yourself in every moment. The 108 MP AI Super Pixel Mode
captures your photos with incredible detail, allowing you to reflect reality
in the clearest way possible.

Stars and Shadows

GeIn the depths of the night, under the stars, or even in dim lighting, Night Mode allows
you to capture all the details perfectly. With clearer images and vibrant colors, you will
preserve the enchanting atmosphere of the night while immortalizing
your memories vividly.

Big World, Small Details

From the delicate veins of flower petals to the hairs of insects, you can capture everything
with clarity and precision. With Macro Mode, extraordinary details come to light in your
photos, creating frames that are truly works of art.

Flawless Selfies with a 16MP Front Camera

With a 16MP resolution front camera, you can always achieve your best look and
capture ready-to-share selfies.

Wide Angle, Boundless Beauty

With the panorama mode, capturing breathtaking landscapes with up to a 180-degree
wide angle has never been easier. Simply aim the camera and start shooting. Our
smartphone automatically stitches the frames together, creating a stunning
panoramic view.

Feel the Power of Your Signature in the Digital World

The Customizable Watermark feature for capturing emotions adds even more meaning to
your memories. With every glance, it helps you remember your mood, thoughts,
and feelings in that moment. With just a watermark, you can refresh all the
beauty and emotions of that special moment.

Pushing the Boundaries of Power and Performance

Helio G99, which smoothly handles your games, apps, and multitasking, will surprise you
with high speed and efficiency. Designed for an exceptional experience, this processor
allows you to feel the power of your smartphone at your fingertips.

The Master of Gaming

With 8GB RAM, it offers incredible multitasking performance, while the 256GB storage
space lets you easily store all your memories and files. The strong collaboration of
UFS 2.2 and LPDDR4X technologies ensures your smartphone has fast boot-up
and data transfer speeds.

More Photos, More Memories

The 256GB storage space of GM 24 Pro allows you to take more photos and collect more memories.
If you wish, you can expand this memory with a microSD card, up to 1TB.
This way, you can easily save all your favorite videos, photos, music,
and games.

At the Heart of Power

Don't miss out on GM 24 Pro equipped with a 5000mAh battery at its core and
33W Super Fast Charging technology! Feel the power of the tech world to
gain the key to an energetic life.

The Key of Trust

Without dealing with forgotten passwords or complex patterns, your phone will
always be secure. Thanks to facial recognition and fingerprint technology,
your phone will belong only to you.