So Colorful, So Cool.

Featuring, glass back-cover, stylish edges available in ocean black, red, green, and gold, the GM 22 is as cool as you can get.

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Large Eye-Catching Screen.

The 6.52" HD+ vivid, bright, high-contrast screen experience allows you to easily navigate through social media
read the news, and watch movies, shows and video content.

Screen-to-Body Ratio


Screen Rate

Artificial Intelligence-Aided.
Triple Camera System.

Pixel Grouping Technology.

With the artificial intelligence camera and the power of the algorithm
it captures four frames at a time, which are then grouped in order to increase the number of pixels and convert them to 52 million super pixels
This allows you to take clear, sharp and detailed photos with
high quality in both digital and printed versions.

You Are
The Focus.

You are the focus in your portraits thanks to the automatic and customizable diaphragm setting of the depth camera. What's more, the advanced camera system uses the filters and enhancement functions on its interface in order to offer artistic portraits without even needing another application.

The Night.

With multi-exposure noise reduction technology and an algorithm that prevents excessive exposure, you can take better and clearer pictures under low lighting and during night shootings.

The Drama.

Excellent HDR mode allows you to control the details in frames that
contain excessive shade or light, and turns them into dramatic photos.

Let It Take the Scene.

Is there a cat in your frame, or a huge building, a delicious meal or a perfect sunset?
Only one algorithm optimized and designed meticulously for 12 different scenarios:
Artificial intelligence scene detection.

Panoramic Perspective.

Your perspective is now even wider with the panoramic mode
making your landscape photos unique.

Time Is
In Your Hands.

Control time with fast motion and slow motion
with both allowing you to get artistic frames through your videos.

Ultra Efficient,
with 8 Cores.

With the 8-core ARM Cortex A53 CPU
600MHz GPU IMG PowerVR class graphics processor that reaches 1.8GHz clock speed
it offers an advanced performance system to meet your requirements.
The CorePilot technology assigns the right workload to the right resources in order to
perfectly combine the required performance with power efficiency
ensuring power-sensitive performance management to offer a stable user experience.

ARM Cortex A53

600 MHz
Graphics Processor Frequency

Graphics Processor Type

Optimization Technology



A Pocket Full of Power.

Explore the power in your pocket with the 5000mAh battery capacity
and smart battery saving mode, providing additional power saving capacity.

Just One Look,
Just One Touch.

The advanced sensor lets you use your most secure identity method ever -
your fingerprint allows you to securely access your data
while smart face recognition technology allows you to access it at a moment’s notice.

Stronger Together.

A smart watch that cares for you.


Won't Believe What You Hear.


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