In this tab, we will provide you with tips on how to use your General Mobile smartphone in a more efficient and fun way.


You can deliver your device to the nearest service point which you can find on our generalmobile.com page. Products to be delivered from provinces without service points are sent by cargo to our central service point. Delivery costs for devices which are not covered by a warrant and whose repair costs are not paid for are borne by the customer. Please send all devices to the service in their original packing; unless you have the original packing, make sure that the product is packaged surely to avoid damages during shipment. Please add your phone number to your delivery so that we can reach you if we need to. (Both mobile and landlines)


After your device has been repaired, it will be sent to the address declared by you via Mng or Yurtiçi Kargo free of charge.


Check the delivery packaging before accepting your device. Open any damaged packages in the presence of the delivery staff and ask for a damage assessment report, if necessary, before accepting the product.


Please go to the section ?device tracking? on www.generalmobile.com where you can check your device status 24/7.


The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover contact with liquids, not using the device in accordance with the conditions specified in the user manual, damage due to impact, malfunctions caused by improper accessories, and unauthorized interference in the device.


If you have your device repaired at a different service other than authorized General Mobile services, your device will no longer be covered by warranty.


You can deliver your device to authorized service and support points listed on our website Telpa.com to speed up the repair process.


In such cases, you would be advised to fill out the letter of cloning on our website Telpa.com and send the snapshots of your device invoice and the front and back page of your ID to 0553 507 18 18 on Whatsapp. For cloned devices, your device will be paired with your GSM number by the Information Technologies Authority and you will be able to continue to use your phone without any problems.