There is no other like GM 5 Plus. Here are the reasons:

A mobile phone should have all features that are needed. The new GM 5 Plus Android One, which we have created with this belief, will give you all the features you need. There is also the fact that such features should be practical and easy to use. Every element of this phone was designed for your comfort.


Software & Hardware Compatibility

Compatibility between software and hardware is the foundation of smartphones. In order for these to operate fast and smoothly, the teams developing them should make contact with each other frequently. We now provide you with the best Android experience by working in close contact with Google.

Every time you receive the latest software updates with fascinating features, you will become attached to your phone once again. Through continuous updates, we will provide you with innovations, as well as keep you safe against potential threats. Moreover, you will get these entirely free of charge.

Android One

High Resolution 

Front and Back Camera

Would you like to hear the question "How did you take such a great photo?" from those around you on a frequent basis? You can achieve this with a single tap with the new f2.0 13-Megapixel back camera.

We also installed a 13-Megapixel front camera so that you can hear the question "Can you give me your phone, let's take a selfie!" while with your friends. Then we added the autofocus feature so that you can always take clear photos. We topped it off with a real LED flash.

This is how you take a professional selfie.


The Largest App Store

The best apps in the market are available with a single tap.

Google Play


There is nothing left that we could not do with smartphones. We keep our private photos, personal information, bank information and many other info on your smartphones. All these should be safe.

We protect your smartphone against malicious softwares at all times by releasing security updates.

We have also improved “Smart Lock” feature. It has 5 basic security features such as password requirement when you come your home, unlocking smartphone via face recognition.


Easy and Accurate Navigation

You could find hospitals, schools, subway stops and other similar information on Google Maps. This feature is provided with voice navigation, which could be used even you don't have data package. You could use these features free of charge.

Qualcomm iZat technology, which has the best performance even while indoors, both increases the speed of navigation and comes with superior properties for energy efficiency.

Google Haritalar

Photo Sphere

Do you want to show the places you have been by giving them the same feeling you experienced? Take 360-degree photos with the Photo Sphere feature of GM 5 Plus Android One. Show your 360-degree photo by sliding your smartphone.

It's as if you are still there!


Video Calls at HD+ Quality.

You could make voice calls at HD+ quality with VoLTE technology.


You can also make video calls at HD+ quality over 4.5G with the ViLTE technology.


Advanced Photos App

Your photographs are very valuable. All photos you take with your GM 5 Plus Android One are stored at high quality. Moreover, you could save unlimited photos. This outstanding feature will enable you to access your memories and show them to those around you at any place.

You could make albums easily with Advanced Photos app and create collages or short films.

Google Photos

Ok Google

Google Now is an assistant app designed to use your smartphone through voice commands. The app provides many services such as setting up an alarm, calling a person in contact list and sending SMS. You could manage Google Now Assistant in your GM 5 Plus Android One through voice commands without your hands.

Here are some examples, just click on them:

"Ok Google", Will it rain this week? "Ok Google", Set up an alarm for 4:00 PM! "Ok Google", Open the translation app!

Large Battery + Fast Charging + Type-C

We use our smartphones for all processes such as bank transactions, messaging and social media. Batteries in our smartphones should not drain so easily. Therefore, we placed 3.100 mAh battery in GM 5 Plus Android One. Now, your phone will not let you down, no matter how frequently you use it.

We also developed GM Turbo Charge technology in GM 5 Plus in order to be charged faster. 50% charging in 30 minutes.

We used Type-C technology with our innovative approach.  You will achieve fast data transfer and you will use both sides of Type-C charging cable.

GM Turbo Charge