General Mobile Privacy Policy

Dear Users,General Mobile is aware of how important your private life and the privacy of your personal data is for you. Therefore, we would like to inform you pursuant to the “Law on the Protection of Personal Data” No. 6698 and other relevant legislation. In this context, we prepared this Privacy Policy for you regarding how we collect, disclose, use, transfer and process your information.Please do not send or provide any personal data to General Mobile before reading and understanding this Privacy Policy text extensively and before you accept it.We especially would like to state that as General Mobile, we are committed to protect your personal data for compliance with the relevant legislation and ensure your data safety and that we will do our best on these matters. Thus, depending on personal data collection principles specified below, we undertake to exercise the due diligence and all our effort in storing all kinds of information to be collected with strict security and confidentiality measures taken by our team.Scope of the Privacy PolicyPlease note that this Privacy Policy applies to consumer electronic products, phones, smart phones, software of General Mobile and the related websites and related services.However, please remember that this Privacy Policy will not be available for the General Mobile websites, services and products where this policy can not be displayed and/or its link is not available or which has its own privacy policy.Under this policy, how your personal data is processed by General Mobile and the importance given to the privacy of your personal data by General Mobile are explained. However, one policy may not be sufficiently comprehensive to answer all the problems and your questions associated with the use of data. Therefore, General Mobile may provide an additional information specific for a product or service in addition to this policy in order to inform you constantly about new developments on the other data usage purposes.The way we use personal information and our goals;We would like to highlight that we process the collected personal data only for the purposes clearly defined below by minimizing the processing of personal data and we keep this data only up to the time necessary for the purposes specified below, on the other hand, we intend to offer you the highest quality service and the opportunities better than the other. Our purposes of processing personal information may be listed as follows;- To create accounts and purchase or register products and servicesWe may ask you to provide information such as e-mail address, delivery address, phone number, product information, the time of purchase and payment methods for reasons such as to create an account, to purchase our products or our services, to process the purchase orders from you while sending our online requests to sign up for these, to offer our valuable users the products and services, to enable or to verify our products, to make changes to your request, for technical support or to provide authorized updates.- To participate in the promotion or market researchUpon receipt of your approval, we may ask you to provide information such as your phone number and e-mail address to contact with you within your consent and to inform you on the products and services that you may be interested in or to invite you to the General Mobile\'s promotions and market researches. However, we also would like to remind you that you can always request General Mobile not to use your personal information for promotions and market researches. For this purpose, please take out these options or deselect them in the General Mobile websites or individual related product settings or send an e-mail to and contact us on this issue.- UpdateGeneral Mobile may collect system and application data from your devices to notify you of the existing system or application updates. This kind of information may include the name of your device, system and application versions, region and language settings, device identification numbers (IMEI) and network ID of your service provider. General Mobile will use such information only to inform you about system or application updates.- TroubleshootingIf your device or application encounters any error you can choose to send the error information services to General Mobile so that General Mobile can share with you the troubleshooting services related with the problem. General Mobile may collect information that may be related to the problem such as your device\'s model, application name and version, device identification numbers and error logs.- Synchronizing, sharing and storing the dataSome of the services provided by the General Mobile allows you to synchronize, share and store data. General Mobile may collect and record the data you have uploaded and downloaded and the data required to implement the upload or download procedures.- Location-based servicesGeneral Mobile collects the location information so as that the user names will not be clear to provide location-based products and services, to provide the nearest dealers, technical services to your service and to improve them.- Information about General Mobile branded products and/or servicesYour personal data can be saved on our system in order to inform you, our valued customers, on the General Mobile branded products and/or services, enable you to benefit from these services/products and take advantage of the opportunities and to enable the sale of these products/services as General Mobile family.Collection and use of non-personal information“Non-personal information” refers to information that cannot be used to identify a particular person. General Mobile may collect mass statistical data such as the number of visitors to our website. General Mobile collects this kind of information to understand who uses our website, our products and our services. Thus, General Mobile can improve and modernize our services to better meet the needs of our customers. General Mobile may collect, use, transfer or may disclose non-personal information for other purposes in its sole discretion.How does General Mobile protect your personal informationGeneral Mobile takes all reasonable measures including but not limited to all kinds of technical, physical and legal steps to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclose, use, modify, damage or loss. For example, if seen from a technical point of view, General Mobile uses anti-virus software to encrypt, monitor our systems and to protect data collection centers against malicious attacks. From the physical point of view, General Mobile implements some visit control mechanisms that allows access of only authorized people to some personal information. From a legal point of view, General Mobile enables employees to understand the importance of the protection of personal data by security-related training programs and its efforts on increasing the awareness of the protection of the individual privacy.However, we would like to remind that although we show the maximum effort possible to protect your personal data please note that no security measure is 100% perfect or impenetrable.How can you contact with General MobileIf you have any questions, comments or suggestions relating to the privacy policy, please send them in any of our offices available globally. Please visit for a full list of our offices. Also, you can contact us on this issue by sending an e-mail to Mobile and Your Personal DataFinally, we would like to remind you the following important points regarding the processing of your personal data;Our users agree and declare that the personal data which they have shared with this “GM Assistant” membership they will use may be processed by General Mobile for a period of 5 years to fulfill the rights and obligations of the parties pursuant to this membership and to transfer the General Mobile branded product, service and/or opportunities to the user and for the above-mentioned reasons and they have a clear consent on this matter within the framework of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and they have been informed under this article.Again, the user agrees and declares that he/she has a clear consent regarding that these personal data can be transferred by General Mobile to Telpa Telekomünikasyon Tic. A.Ş., Telpa Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş., Yamanlar Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş., General Mobile Fzc., Doğa Bilişim ve Postagüvercini (Figen Yazılım Evi Tic. Ltd. Şti.) with the purposes stated above and on condition to adhere to the duration.Additionally, the user always has the right to learn whether a personal data is processed relating to himself/herself; if his/her personal data is processed, to request details on this; to learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether they are being used in accordance with their purposes; to know the third persons domestically and abroad to whom the personal data is transferred; if the personal data is processed as missing and incorrectly, to request correction of these; in case of elimination of the reasons that require processing of these data, to request deletion or removal of the personal data; to request communication of this correction and deletion requests to the third parties; to object to the emergence of a result against himself/herself by the analysis of the processed data with automatic systems exclusively; to request indemnification of his/her losses in case that the personal data is processed against the law.Also, the user declares that the personal data shared/to be shared within the scope of this membership is correct and up-to-date and in case of a change in these information, he/she will report the changes to General Mobile.I have read, understood and accept.Note: Because it is adapted to the local laws and the language used, this Privacy Policy may differ from its general English version. This document sets a precedent for any difference and all the differences between itself and its general English version.Latest update: March 24th, 2015Copyright © General Mobile. All rights are reserved.