Take Control of
Your Home

Smart Home Just a Plug Away

With its advanced technology, GM Smart Plug is ready to be your number one assistant at home,
transforming all your devices into smart devices, regardless of whether they are old or new.
You can manage them through the GM Smart app.

Mini Design, Easy to Use

GM Smart Plug fits into any electrical outlet without blocking other sockets,
thanks to its compact and efficient design, allowing you
to easily use other devices in the same socket.

No More Worries

With GM Smart Plug, you can protect your home from situations such as overvoltage and overcurrent,
and keep your children safe from potential accidents with its child lock feature. You don't have
to worry about leaving devices plugged in, such as irons or heaters, when you're not at home
because you can remotely control their power connection.

Use Your Energy Efficiently

Track the electricity consumption of your devices easily with power consumption monitoring
and have control over your bills. You can disconnect the power supply of unused
devices and avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

Your Time is Valuable

With the timer feature, everything is now scheduled according to your needs. Your coffee maker can start working at the time
you wake up, and you can turn the lights on and off at your home or workplace at the desired time.

Voice Control

With voice control feature, you can operate the devices connected to your smart plugs
using voice commands you give to them.

The Perfect Solution for Smart Homes

GM Smart is a smart management application that allows you to control all the electronic
devices of your home from your smartphone. You can remotely control your GM Smart Plug using
the GM Smart application from your smartphone, and you can also program
it to turn it on and off automatically at certain times.