Cook Healthy,
Eat Tasty

Expansive Flavor Capacity:
5-Litre Capacity

With its 5-liter capacity, GM Air Fryer makes party preparations easier and turns
family meals into an enjoyable activity. Its large capacity allows you to
cook different dishes simultaneously or prepare larger
portions in one go, saving you time.

*The indicated food capacity is for reference purposes only and may vary based on the type of food being prepared.

Less Oil and More Amazing Flavors

GM Air Fryer allows you to use significantly less oil compared to traditional frying methods.
This enables you to prepare your favorite snacks such as potato chips
and chicken wings in a lighter and healthier manner.

Balanced Flavor with 360° Air Circulation

The 360° air circulation technology designed to ensure even cooking during the baking process
provides equal airflow to every point. As a result, the exterior of the food becomes golden brown
and crispy, while the interior is perfectly cooked.

Delicious Recipes

Prepare the most delicious recipes effortlessly with GM Air Fryer. From healthy snacks to desserts
from main dishes to side dishes, everything is at your fingertips.

Flavor at the Ideal Temperature

Thanks to GM Air Fryer's temperature range of 70 to 200
degrees Celsius, you can easily cook your fried foods, grills,
and other snacks.

Cook Much More

The grill rack inside GM Air Fryer enhances not only the flavor but also the functionality.
This rack allows you to expand your cooking area, enabling you to
prepare larger portions.

12 Different Recipes

No matter your dietary preferences, GM Air Fryer offers an ideal solution.
With its 12 different program options, you can create meals suitable
for various dietary styles, from gluten-free to keto,
vegetarian to vegan.

Effortless Cleaning

The GM Air Fryer, designed with a non-stick PTFE coating, offers both durability
against wear and can also be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Take Control of the Cooking Process

The GM Air Fryer's smart start and pause features allow you to intervene
at any time while cooking your meal. These features enable you to
manage the cooking process without interruptions. You can pause,
check, and resume cooking as desired.

Manage GM Air Fryer with
Voice Command

With the Voice Command Feature in GM Air Fryer, you can easily operate it
when your hands are full or you prefer not to press buttons.

Flavor and Control in Your Hands with
The GM Smart App

You can use the GM Smart app to prepare delicious meals with GM Air Fryer,
discover new recipes, and have complete control over the cooking
process. This way, you can make your cooking experience
smarter and more enjoyable by using technology in the kitchen.

More Flavor, Less Energy

While GM Air Fryer ensures that your meals cook faster and tastier,
it also consumes less energy compared to a regular oven,
allowing you to save both your budget and the environment.