Who is General Mobile?

General Mobile is a Turkish company founded in U.S.A. to create an international brand by keeping abreast of the universal technology. They aim to combine the cutting-edge technology with easy-to-use design and software in mobile devices. General Mobile products are guaranteed by Telpa, which provides the best after-sale services in Turkey.

Our Vision

To be a world brand accessible for everyone with our simple and easy-to-use smart phones and tablet PCs.

Our Mission

To offer the smart mobile products and services to the technology users with which they can discover their inherent potential.

Our Values

Our core values are to be innovative, work-oriented, and flexible. We always ask ourselves the question “Why not?” Instead of repeating what have been done, we always try to break new grounds.

Our Success Story

General Mobile has an ambitious spirit to find the best.

  • We were founded by two visionary young entrepreneur in 2005.
  • We broke a new ground in the world with the Dual SIM mobile phone which we developed and offered for sale in 2006.
  • We developed a brand new model with Windows operating system for the professionals and businessmen in 2007 in cooperation with Microsoft.
  • We broke another new ground in Turkey with the mobile phone having an Android operating system, which we developed in 2008.
  • We offered the first mobile phone specially designed for women with crystals in 2009 in cooperation with Swarovski.
  • In 2010, the knowledge and experience of General Mobile were combined with Telpa’s experience in the industry and power in distribution and technical service. With this synergy, a great change process began at General Mobile, and we started to rise much more rapidly.
  • In 2011, as General Mobile, we produced the “e-tab”, the very first domestically-produced tablet PC in Turkey.
As a proud of Turkey and a brand of Turkey, General Mobile will continue to make difference. Seize the power and rule over the technology with General Mobile…

Our Innovations & Awards

We work with all our strength to achieve the excellent while implementing the innovation that holds a place at the core of our growth strategy, and we cooperate with the leading suppliers in the world.

  • The first Dual SIM mobile phone in the world,
  • The first “video chat” mobile phone in the world,
  • The first Dual SIM Windows Mobile smart phone in the world,
  • The first Dual SIM Android smart phone in the world,
  • The first phone specially designed for women with Swarovski Zirconia,
  • The first movie mobile phone in the world,
  • The first Qualcomm Dual SIM mobile phone in the world,
  • The winner of the Pilot tender for Fatih project by the Ministry of National Education: e-tab

Our Education Solutions

Call us to learn about our end-to-end education solutions.
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